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Livestock guarding dogs (LGDs) for sheep

Project: Knowsheep

Subtheme: Safety on Pastures

Partner: Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture

Project subtheme leader: Teet Otstavel

Objective: To enhance the farmers’ possibility to use and benefit from the large carnivore prevention methods.

Methodology: ‘Safety on Pastures’ started by gathering information about predation damage and regulation situations faced by Knowsheep area farms in Finland and Estonia. The subtheme concentrates on the Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGDs) using farms participating in the KnowSheep project in Finnish and Estonian large carnivore attack risk areas. The LFGs used are of different combinations in age, breed and sex that compare the compositions of a LGD pack. At the same time the sheep flock size and pasture territory options are monitored. Studies include fieldwork, GPS tracking, result screening and discussion events. Assistance is offered to farmers concerning the LGD questions. The results and especially practical experiences of the ‘Safety on Pastures’ will be published in a special booklet by the end of the KNOWSHEEP project.



 Seminar Safety at Pastures: Problems and Possibilities

This seminar was given by Teet Otstavel of the Estonian Department of Plant Sciences. It took place on September 26, 2013 at the KnowSheep Final Conference in Kuressaare, Saaremaa. The seminar covered the research activities undertaken by Mr. Otstavel within the scope of the KnowSheep project. The topics covered in this seminar are of the impact of wolves and eagles to the safety of sheep and the study of improving safety on pastures with the help of Livestock Guarding Dogs.

Click here for the PDF presentation (English version only).  For more information about this seminar or future activities, please contact the Saaremaa Sheep Resource Centre.